Places to visit in Gangotri

Admin 16-03-2021

1. Bhojbasa

Bhojbasa is a picturesque place situated at an altitude of 3775 m above sea level. One can reach here by indulging in a 14kms trek that commences from Gangotri. This trek takes one through rugged terrains along with the Bhagirathi river. The Beautiful Bhojbhas acts as the last point of accommodation on the way to the holy Gaumukh Glacier. Bhojbasa is situated just 5kms before Gaumukh Glacier- that is the source of the river Ganga.

Visit this place between May to October as it is considered the best time to visit this place. One can go for numerous moderate and strenuous trekking options here at Bhojbasa like- Gaumukh, Tapovan, and Nandanvan trek.

2. Gangnani

The stunning Gangnani is a very small town that is located around 46kms from Uttarkashi on the route to Gangotri. Gangnani is a perfect destination for the spiritually inclined and for those seeking peace of mind. This place is truly best for meditation. It is also a fantastic location for nature lovers who want to explore the beautiful Uttarkashi.

Gangnani is renowned for its thermal water spring that is called Rishikund. Several devotees take a holy dip in this natural hot water spring before heading towards Gangotri. The nearby tourist places of Gangnani are- Uttarkashi, Bhatwari, Harsil, and Gangotri. Visit this place between April to June and between September to November.

3. Gangotri Temple

Gangotri Temple is situated at an altitude of 3100mts. It is the highest temple that is devoted to Goddess Ganga and is one of the four Chota Chardham Yatra pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand. This sacred white temple is all surrounded by Deodar and pines and the greater Himalayan range. The holy river Bhagirathi is one of the two head-streams of the river Ganga that flows alongside the Gangotri temple. This temple was constructed by the Nepalese General, Amar Singh Thapa at around the beginning of the 18th century. The temple was later reconstructed by the Maharaja of Jaipur. This temple is built in the Nagara style of architecture and is built with white marble stone. One can find a natural rock Shivling near Gangotri temple that is submerged underwater, one can see the Shivling easily when the winters arrive as the water level decreases during this time.

One can find 5 small apexes or Shikhars that are 20ft in height here at this temple. The main Garba Griha is built on a raised platform. One can see a mandap in front of the Garba Griha where the devotees perform puja and prayers. The inner Sanctorum has the idol of Goddess Ganga. It also has the idols of Goddess Yamuna, Anapurna, Saraswati, and Lakshmi.

4. Bhaironghati

Bhaironghati is located in Gangotri and situated around 10kms from Gangotri near the confluence of Jat Ganga and Bhagirathi river. It is a small settlement at the juncture of the Jadh Ganga and Bhagirathi rivers in the mountains of northern India. Visit Bhaironghati between April to June and September to November. On your trip to Bharionghati travel for 3kms after Bhairoonghati is another small town called Lanka Chatti that boasts of Asia's highest bridge over the Jahnavi river at an elevation of 2789m above sea level.

5. Jalmagna Shivlinga

Jalmagna Shivlinga is a popular Shivling that remains immersed in the Gangotri during the summer season and is a major attraction of Gangotri. This natural Shivling is situated near the sacred Gangotri temple and is visible only during the winter season when the water level goes down. It is believed that Lord Shiva held the river Ganga in his matted locks at this holy site.

6. Harsil

Harsil is a hidden jewel of Uttarkhand state and offers ample scope for travelers seeking peace and tranquillity in the lap of the Himalayas. It is located on the banks of the Bhagirathi river at an elevation of 2620m above sea level. One can find several adventurous trekking routes in the vicinity of Hasil. The beautiful Harsil is located in the pretty valley inhabited majorly by the Bhotia tribes.

It is situated on Uttarkashi-Gangotri Road at a distance of around 72kms after Uttarkashi. Explore this beautiful place and witness the dense Deodar forests, gushing water of Bhagirathi river, salubrious environment, and tranquil environment. Indulge in trekking here as many trekking routes pass through Harsil that takes one through the cascading waterfalls, verdant hills all covered with pine and oak trees, and gushing river streams.

7. Dharali

Dharali is a beautiful hamlet situated on the tranquil banks of river Ganga. This village is perched at an altitude of 648m above sea level. The beautiful Dharali is renowned for its glittering apple orchards and Rajma cultivation. The lofty trees of pine and deodars encircle the village and thus make the landscape surreal. This beautiful village is nestled between the two most picturesque hamlets of Uttarkashi and Gangotri.

Being situated amongst some of the most scenic environments in Uttarakhand Dharali offers a plethora of places for travelers to explore and rejuvenate themselves like- Nelang valley, Harsil, and Swami Sundaranand Viewpoint. Plan a trip to Dharali in the months between March and June as the weather is quite salubrious during this time.

8. Surya Kund

Surya Kund is a famous pilgrimage spot near the famous Gangotri temple in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Several devotees who visit the Gangotri temple also visit the Surya Kund waterfall to pay obeisance to the sun god.

Surya Kund is located on one side of an iron bridge while Gauri Kund is located on the other side of the bridge. One wanting to visit Surya Kund has to reach Gangotri temple via NH 108. Surya Kund is known for the Surya Kund waterfall.

9. Gangotri Glacier

Gangotri Glacier is perched in the majestic Garhwal Himalayas and is located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. This glacier originates at the northern slope of the Chaukhamaba range of peaks. Gangotri Glacier serves as a vital source of River Ganga and is the largest glacier in the Himalayas.

This glacier is surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Gangotri group and offers arduous trekking to Shivling, Thalay Sagar, Meru and Bhagirathi III. Gangotri Glacier is located in the Gangotri national park that is about a 6km trek from the Gangotri temple.

10. Gangotri Naitonal Park

Gangotri National Park or Govind National park is one of the exotic places to visit during one’s trip to Gangotri. This place is said to be the place from where Laxman kept a vigil over Lanka. Gangotri National Park is one of the largest national parks in Uttarakhand state. Numerous botanists and nature lovers visit this national park every year.

This national park is home to several medicinal plants that are used to make life-saving drugs. It was founded in the year 1955. It spans over 958 sq km and is home to white leopard and several other exotic wildlife, flora and fauna.

11. Kedartal Lake

Kedartal lake is one of the astounding places to visit in Gangotri. This lake is situated at an altitude of 4425m above sea level and is amongst the most famous trek here. Make sure to trek to Kedar lake that will surely make your vacation the most memorable one.

It is referred to as Lord shiva’s lake. Kedartal is located at a distance of around 17kms from Gangotri and is a very popular trekking destination. Amidst the trek, one can spot Bharal, goral and Himalayan black bear and varied Himalayan birds in this region.

12. Dodi Tal

Dodi tal is one one of the preistine lakes in Gangotri. This place is truly a mesmerizing delight for adventure enthusiasts. Oen can find numerous camps on one’s visit to this place. It is perched at an altitude of 3204m. one can even indulge in fishing at this spot. Dodital has been named after the abundant Himalayan trout that is found in this lake.

One can visit this lake in any month as the weather is always salubrious. As per the mythology, Dodital is the birthplace of Lord Ganesha. It is said that Lord Ganesha chose this lake as his abode. One can find a temple located on the corner of the lake that is devoted to Lord Ganesha. One can reach Dodital only through a trekking route from Sangam Chatti.

13. Tapovan

Tapovan is a very beautiful place to visit in beautiful Gangotri. This place is famous for hot springs and is frequently visited by tourists due to its medicinal properties to improve skin diseases. One can capture pretty glimpses of famous peaks here like- Nanda Devi and Dronagiri Chaukhamba. This place serves as the gateway to Badrinath and the Valley of flowers.