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Harsil is the perfect destination for those seeking peace and solitude. The stunning Harsil is nestled amid the Himalayas and dense cover of pine and deodar with river Bhagirathi gushing across the area. It is indeed a very beautiful place perfect for vacationers. This village is adorned with apple orchards and is elevated at a height of 2620m above sea level. This place is inhabited by the Bhotiya tribe who have very unique and interesting customers and a great way of living. 

It is also renowned as the Mini Switzerland of Inda. As per the legend, Harsil got its name from the two rivers Bhagirathi and the Jalandhari once they fought over their significance. Lord Vishnu was then asked to intervene. He then turned himself into a great stone and absorbed their anger. It is believed that even today after Hari-Shila the water of the two rivers has become a little less turbulent. It is renowned for its several trekking trails. This beautiful place is located 72kms ahead of Uttarkashi on Uttarkashi-Gangotri road. 

Best Time To Visit Harsil

The aptest time to explore Harsil is in the summer season that is between April to June as the weather at this time is quite salubrious with evenings cool and apt for sightseeing. The Winter season that is between October to March at Hasil experiences nails biting cold with the temperature dropping below freezing point. Trekking becomes quite difficult at this time but offers pretty sights. Monsoon season that is between July to September here brings landslide. Plan your holidays to Uttarakhand to visit Harsil between April and October.

There are other places nearby Harsil that one can explore during their trip to Harsil-


It is a small and beautiful hamlet located just 3kms from Harsil. It offers serene views that are simply awe-inspiring. It is renowned for its apple orchards and red bean cultivation. Lord shiva deity is there in an ancient temple in the beautiful Dharali village. As per the mythology Bhagirathi meditated in this place to get the Ganga out of heaven to flow into the earth and the temple here stands to prove this story. 

Mukhwas Village

It is one of the popular tourist attractions here at Harsil and is located just 1kms from it. It is the winter home of the Goddess Gangotri as Gangotri itself is prone to heavy snowfall. Several devotees visit in great number to worship the goddess and admire the beauty of the place.


It is a group of seven freshwater lakes with nature’s bounty. It receives numerous migratory birds and offers panoramic vistas. It is located in the Kumaon region at an elevation of 1370m above sea level. The area flaunts its cluster of seven interconnected lakes- Panna, Naldaymanti Tal, Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat and Sukha Tal flanked by lush green covers of oaks and pines. 


It is located 26kms before Harsil and is renowned for its hot water spring. It is quite a pretty place with a picture-perfect view of the Himalayas that attracts tourists in a very large number.
Gangotri- one of the Char Dhams of the Uttarkhand state, Gangotri is the highest placed home of goddess Ganga that is pretty beautiful. There are other places too that one can visit in Harsil. 

The beautiful destination Harsil makes for an interesting basepoint for many adventurous treks. Some of them to include are- Dayara Bugyal and Kahtling glacier. The fantabulous valley of Harsil all filled with oak and deodar trees just makes it a trekker’s paradise. The trekking routes that pass through Harsil takes one through the cascading waterfalls, verdant hills, covered with pine and oak trees and gushing river streams. There are a few numbers of villages like Mukhba and Dharali where one can consider trekking. 

The pretty hamlet Harsil encourages eco-tourism where tourist can experience the calm and serene environments along with learning about the rustic way of life, customs, and believes that the community that lives here. Indulge in photography here as Harsil offer fantastic vies of mountains along with the Bhagirathi river flowing. The stunning Harsil receives a constant amount of snowfall during the winter season between December and February. At this particular time, the hamlet remains covered with a thick sheet of snow with a temperature ranging between 0 to 10-degree celsius. By the end of February month, the weather becomes calm and pleasant. 

This destination is known for apples and Rajma. In the year 1980 also this place was quite a famous tourist spot. It was the shooting place for the popular movie Ram Teri Ganga Maili.  Make your stay comfortable at several hotels in Harsil- Mountain village stay, Hill Dew homestay, Cottage in Himalayas Ganga river India, Harsil Heritage Homestay, Pinewood Cottage 1, Monal Uttarkashi, the Wanderers Nest and some other famous hotels and resorts. 

How To Reach Harsil

One can reach Harsil by air, rail and by road. The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant airport that is the nearest airport to the pretty Harsil and is situated almost 232kms away. The nearest railway station is in Rishikesh it serves as the nearest to the village with frequent trains to several prominent cities in India. One can avail bus service as buses run regularly from New Delhi to Harsil and is the most convenient mode of transportation. So plan your next trip to this splendid location and spend some time in tranquillity with your loved ones. 

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