Gangotri temple is nestled at a good height of 3100 meters on the Himalayan range in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It is one of the four holy and important pilgrimage sites of Chota Chardham Yatra in Uttrakhand state. The temple is devoted to Goddess Ganga. Witness here the marvelous mountain range of Himalaya and the gushing Bhagirathi by the side that makes for a superb setting to behold the life-giving powerful deity. The devotees coming to pay a visit to this temple needs to bath in the pristine waters of the pious river before visiting the main shrine. River Ganga is known as Bhagirathi here. It gets the name Ganga at Devprayag where the Bhagirathi river merges with the Alaknanda River. The astounding Gangotri temple is constructed close to Bhagirath Shila- a pillar where King Bhagirath prayed to Lord Shiva to bear the descent of river Ganga. The devotees collect the water from the pillar and take it home and consider it as Amrit. This Amrit is used for several religious and holy purposes.

According to Hindu mythology back ages ago when king Sagar’s 60000 sons were converted to ashes by the sage Kapil who was disturbed by them during his meditation. He also cursed them that their souls shall attain salvation only when their ashes were immersed in the heavenly river Ganga. After many years later the grandson of King Sagar, King Bhagirath sat in deep penance to please Goddess Ganga for many years. Finally, the holy Ganga descended from heaven with a ferocious speed that was contained by Lord Shiva on his luscious looks and then released the holy Ganga in the realm of the earth at Gangotri from where it flowed to dissolve the sins of the 60000 sons of King Sagar and their souls attained salvation and ever since Hindus immerse the ashes of the mortal remains of their departed in the holy river Ganga.  

Gangotri  Dham Yatra

Gangotri Dham is well connected with motorable roads, buses, and taxis from prominent destinations like- Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and Tehri Garhwal. Before coming to pay a visit to the Gangotri temple the devotees need to bath in the pristine waters of the pious river before visiting the main shrine. 

With the arrival of the winter season, Goddess Ganga gets ready to leave for Mukhyamath temple in Mukhba village that is 20kms downstream. It takes place on the day of the Diwali festival that is in October/November month amid Vedic chants and elaborate rituals. The goddess is brought back to the Gangotri temple with great joy and enthusiasm on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya that in April/May. Head towards this temple in the month April/May to June and September to October/November. Avoid monsoon time as it is risky and not apt for visiting.

Importance of Gangotri Dham

Gangotri temple is one of the four religious Chardham in Uttarakhand state. The temple is devoted to Goddess Ganga. It is the highest temple. The river Ganga originates at Gaumukh. Gaumukh is situated at the foot of the Gangotri glacier. Every year several devotees pay a visit to this temple to seek blessings from the goddess Ganga for a happy and prosperous life.

Gangotri Yatra by helicopter

Gangotri Yatra by helicopter is the most convenient and fastest way to pay a visit to the Gangotri temple in a very less time. A helicopter tour is perfect for those who have a shortage of time and for those also who are facing health issues and are not able to perform pilgrimage relatively quickly. The helicopter operates from Sahastradhara, Dehradun helipad every morning for the temple and returns to the city every evening. You will depart from Sahstradhara helipad, Dehradun. You will be arriving at the picturesque hill town of Harsil after which you will be driven to the Dham shrine that is located at a driving distance of 25kms that will take around 1 to 2 hours to complete. After reaching the temple you will avail the VIP darshan passes we have in store for you After darshan, you will be heading from Gangotri towards Sahastradhara helipad, Dehradun with some wow memories for a lifetime.

Gangotri Dham Opening Date 2023