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Barkot is one of the picturesque destinations in Uttarkhand. It is in the Uttarkashi district nestled on the banks of the Yamuna river. It is a prominent stopover for the Hindu devotees heading to perform the pilgrimage at Gangotri and Yamunotri Dham. This pretty place offers fabulous views of Bandarpoonch peak along with some other imposing Himalayan peaks. It is indeed the most fantastic place and best for those who are hunting for some spiritual experience as the environ and nature creates an aura that any soul cannot resist. It is perfect for adventurers too as it offers some exhilarating treks around. One can find several villages near Barkot city- Uprari, Sara, Chakargaon, Paunti, Sunaldi, Dandagaon, Chatanga. Visit this destination as it offers awe-inspiring views of the massive Bandarpoonch Peak along with the glorious views of the bewitching landscape.

Enjoy shopping at Barkot and grab some pretty local handicrafts like- shawls, religious paintings, and Tibetan artefacts. One can even go for woollen garments. Just enjoy trekking at Barkot as it is famous for trekking and hiking trails that take one through deep forests and hushed hamlets. Apart from trekking enjoy rock-climbing, mountain climbing and other interesting activities. Visit this splendid place from April to November. This place is visited by several visitors as the holy Yamunotri Dham is very nearby to this place. During snowfall, this fantabulous hamlet changesinto a heavenly paradise.

Places To Visit In Barkot

1. Lakha Mandal

Lakha Mandal is an ancient temple devoted to Lord Shiva and is a very popular place for pilgrimage. This temple is the dream destination for the shakti Cult. Lakha Mandal got its name from the two words that areLakha- many and Mandals meaning temples. As per the legends, this temple and the adjoining area are considered to ber where Duryodhana of Mahabharata conspired to burn alive the Bhaskar in the Lakshyagriha house constructed with Shellac. One can find the twin statues of Danav and Manav that are located beside the main shrine.

One can even find a cave near it that is called Dhundhi Odaari where Dhundi or Dhundh means foggy and Odaari means cave. It is believed that the Pandavas took refuge in this cave to save themselves. Inside the temple, one can find the idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Kartikeya, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu and Lord Bajrangbali. Another attraction of this temple is the prey architecture that flaunts the richness of Indian heritage and therefore it has been declared as a monument of national importance.

2. Janki Chatti

Janki Chatti is nestled just 7kms before Yamunotri and is renowned for its thermal springs. It is perched at an elevation of about 2650m above sea level. Taking a dip int the hot water springs of Janki Chatti is an inevitable part of the Yamunotri pilgrimage. A bath in the hot water gives one energy and vigour to the travellers who are tired of the rugged surroundings. It is the midpoint of the trek to Yamunotri that is accessible by jeeps. It is indeed the popular pilgrimage site that comes in the way of Chardham yatra.

One can find the ponies and palanquins here. This beautiful place is all surrounded by mountains on all the sides and lies close to the Indo-china border. Plan a tour to Uttarakhand to visit this beautiful place.

Nearby places to Janki Chatti like- Hanuman Chatti- a popular trekking site, Uttarkashi- a holy town in the state of Uttarakhand. Located on the banks of river Bhagirathi at an altitude of 1352 m above the sea level, SayanaChatti- a small place located on the Barkot-Yamunotri Road, Barkot-a small town located 40kms from Dharasu and is a pretty landscaped all around, Yamunotri- a sacred shrine perched atop a flank of Bandarpoonch Parvat. Several devotees take a night halt here during their Chardham yatra. Visit this place during May, June, September, October and November.

3. Hanuman Chatti

Hanuman Chatti is situated at the confluence of Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna rivers and is the starting point of the popular Darwa top, Dodi Tal and Yamunotri that is around 13kms away from Hanuman Chatti. It is also the base point of the trek of Gulabikantha too. It is a place that offers a great number of accommodation facilities. The riverside picturesque beauty at Hanuman Chatti acts as a perfect place to experience nature and the countryside. Tekkers visit this place as it is the popular trekking spot in the region.

Several devotees visit this place from May to October. One can purchase medicines, raincoats, and other necessary items at Hanuman Chatti. Plan a trip to Hanuman Chatti and visit the famous nearby places like- Yamunotri- the sacred shrine of Yamunotri and is one of the Chota Chardham of Uttarkhand, Janki Chatti- a small town nestled on the way to Yamunotri templeand is renowned for its several hot water springs, Sayana Chatti- a small place situated on the Barkot-Yamunotri road. It is at an altitude of 2016m and offers fantastic views, Uttarkashi- a holy town in Uttarkhand state and is situated on the banks of river Bhagirathi at an altitude of 1352m above sea level, Barkot- a small town located 40kms from Dharasu and is a pretty landscaped all around. several pilgrims during their Chardham yatra stay at Hanumanchatti for some duration.

4. Sayanachatti

Located on the Barkot- Yamunotri road, Sayanachatti is one of the best places to visit. It is at an altitude of 2015 m that offers some panoramic views. Due to its altitude, the destination remains cool and with pleasant climate conditions. It is truly the perfect place to get relax and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. The beautiful Sayanchatti is around 8kms from Hanuman Chatti and 21kms from the Yamunotri temple of Chardham.

Several pilgrims stay at Sayanachatti during their yatra. Plan a trip to Sayanachatti and get a chance to explore some of the fantastic places here like- Yamunotri temple- considered one of the most sacred Chardham and is devoted to Goddess Yamuna, Veda Camp- one of the most amazing places to explore and is perfect for adventure lovers.

One can here participate in several amazing adventure activities. It is located at an altitude of 2118 m along the banks of the holy river Yamuna, Surya Kund- one of the most beautiful points in Barkot where several devotees take a holy bath in the water of Kund to remove the sins from the body and get salvation. Devotees here submerge potatoes and rice in the hot spring water to cook for Prashad. Sayanachatti offers several facilities and hotels to the tourists and pilgrims of Chardham.

5. Nainbagh

Nainbagh is one of the fantastic locations to spend your vacation. Surrounded by the majestic Garhwal Himalayas and nestled amidst the dense forest of oak and rhododendron, Nainbagh is truly a surreal destination. It is located on the way to Yamunotri. It is nestled in the Tehri district of Uttarkhand. Nainbagh is a fabulous location all away fromthe hustle and bustle of the city. Nainbagh is around 41kms from Mussoorie. The nearest railway station from Nainbagh is the Dehradun railway station and the nearest airport is the Jolly Grant airport. Visit this spectacular destination from January to May and September to December.

6. Yamunotri Temple

The sacred Yamunotri temple is considered to be one of the holiest Chardham destinations in Uttrakhand state. This pretty temple is devoted to goddess Yamuna. Numerous devotees pay a visit to worship goddess Yamuna. The best time to visit the temple is between April to October. The temple is situated near the foot of Kalind Parbat and on a side of Banderpoonch Parbat. It is believed that the Yamunotri temple is constructed by the king of Tehri- Naresh Sudarshan Shah in the year 1839.

Yamunotri temple closes its portals as winter arrives on Yama Dwitiya that is the second day after Diwali or on Bhai Dooj. The idol is taken to Khasali village in a palanquin and remains there for the entire period of winters. On Akshaya Tritiya that occurs in April/May, the goddess is taken back to Yamunotri again. Both the closing and opening ceremonies of the Yamunotri shrine are brought about with the grand celebrations with rituals and Vedic chants.

Best Time To Visit

Plan a trip to this spectacular destination in the summer months from April to June that are considered to be the aptest months to explore Barkot. The temperature at this time does not exceed 29-degree Celcius and thus the weather remains salubrious. One can even visit during the winter months that is from October to February when one can experience the classic Himalayan winter chill. Make sure to keep winter clothing if planning in the winter season as the temperature during these particular months drop to4 and 2-degree Celcius.

How To Reach

Haridwar to Barkot

Distance from Haridwar to Barkot is 186.7km

Rishikesh to Barkot

Distance from Rishikesh to Barkot is180.1km

Dehradun to Barkot

Distance from Dehradun to Barkot is 135.6km

Mussoorie to Barkot

Distance from Mussoorie to Barkot is 92.0km

Jankichatti to Barkot

Distance from Jankichatti to Barkot is 45.0km

Delhi to Barkot

Distance from Delhi to Barkot is 369.9km

Chandigarh to Barkot

Distance from Chandigarh to Barkot is 243.5km

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