Lakha Mandal

Admin 01-03-2021

Lakhamandal is a popular temple nestled in the Chakrata region. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. Here in this temple, the Shivling is made of graphite. It is situated at 100kms from Chakrata, Lakhamandal is also a place of historical and mythological significance in India. As per the Mahabharata Lakahmandal is the very same place where Duryodhan tried to kill the Pandavas by making them stay at the palace- LakshaGrah the house made of Wax. One can find the two carved statues outside the mains shrine of Lakhamandal. It is believed that these two statues are of Arjun and Bheem. Another story is connected with a hidden cave near Lakhamandal temple. This cave known as DhundiOdaari is believed to be the same cave where the Pandavas took refuge when Duryodhan was in a search of them. The architecture of this temple has a rustic ambience coupled with splendid architecture.

The Ladkhamandal temple is all surrounded by pretty mountains and the tranquil river Yamuna. The major attraction here is the graphite lingam that shines when water is poured on it. One can find the idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Kartikeya, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu and lord hanuman inside the temple. One can even find 150 stones engraved figures in the temple some of them date back to the 4th and 5th centuries. On a visit to this pretty temple just witness the foot maks of baby Parvati on a rock. Lakhamandal gets its name from the two words- Lakha meaning many and mandasl meaning tmeples.

This temple is famous among the shakti cult who believes that a visit to this temple shrine will end their misfortune. The pretty architecture of the temple displays the richness of Indian heritage and thus has been declared as a monument of National importance. According to the sixth century AD  the shiva temple at Lakahamandalwa constructed by princess Ishwara belonging ot Royal race of Singhpura. It was constructed for the spiritual welfare of her late husband Chandragupta, the sone of king of Jalandhar. Now the present structure of Nagara style was constructed in the 12-13 century AD. This area is rich with beautiful ancient temples, sculptures and inscription. Visit a museum here that holds a good collection of several statures and Lingas. Visit at the time of Baisakhi festival that is celebrated here with great pomp and show and is attended by numerous devotees. On your visit to Lakahmandal temple make sure to explore the nearby places like Dhundhi Odaari cave, Kempty falls, Chakrata, Dehradun that is aournd 118kms away, Mussorrie that is around 75kms away. These places are the topmost attractions near Lakhamandal.

It is located at around 100kms in Mussoorie road from Chakrata. Travellers can reach here by availing bus service or by hiring a taxi from Charkrata. The nearest railway station to Lakhamandal is Dehradun railway station that is around 107kms away and the nearest airport is the Jolly Grant airport that is 130kms away. The aptest time to visit Lakhamandal is between March to November. 

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